This website aims to record signatures of the Argentine Tango Charter proposed during the Colloquium of the French Associations of Argentine Tango, October 11th, 2008 in Lyon (France).

It also contributes to the social links of the tanguera community by providing to signatories:

  • a system for announcement
  • a directory of forums and mailing lists
  • information pages or case analyses

Among the commitments that signatories make, the last article is rather difficult to respect: : "...(signatories) will respect individual or social organization formats, as long as they leave room for autonomy and exchange." To fulfill this commitment, this website is organized such as to be limited to its minimum functionality.


Two types of signatories are to be considered:

  • the organizations, associations or commercials
  • the persons

Every signatory shall provide a valid email address with other information depending of its type and will receive a certificate number enabling to authenticate its signature.

Each signatory will be able at any time to print a personalized issue of the Charter showing its name and its date of signature.

Access to recorded information

Each signatory will be able to modify its personal information but the access to personal information of other signatories is not allowed. Only lists of names and coordinates of organizations will be readable, by signatories only.