Signatory Space

These pages are restricted to signatories of the Charter.

  • Signatories
  • This link displays the list of the signatures of the Charter, as known at this instant. Search is proceeded either on all over the world, in this case names of persons are displayed, or by French Departments, in this case only names of organizations are displayed. One can select other countries later.

  • messages
  • This link enables signatories to send a message to the other signatories, either to organizations either to persons, either to both groups. Message are not anonymous,: name and email address of the sender are included in the message.

  • Personalized issue of Charter
  • This link enables to print the customized issue of the Charter for any signatory, one neds only to provide the certificate number or the email address of the requested signatory. Print out is designed for a A4 format but it should be enlarged on a A3 page to be readable. This link enables to check that a person really signed the Charter, access to this link is open to everybody.

    my account

  • This page enables each signatory to modify his/her personal informations.

To sign up the Charter, type your email: