Why joining ?

The charter contains a number of values and engagements regarding the practice of Argentinean Tango. To sign the Charter means that one supports these values and considers them important enough to accept the engagement proposed by the Charter.
The values and the engagements proposed in the Charter are the result of a collective undertaking in the summer of 2008. If the work was originally sponsored by several associations, the Charter is inviting the participation of anyone, artists, dancers, musicians, organizers any and all individual and group interested in this culture, worldwide.

Signing the Charter, supporting these values, respecting its engagements are all personal matters. There is no Charter court to fear, no rite of initiation,  no obedience, or pledge of any sort toward anyone. This site only aims at keeping a record of the NUMBER of signatures.

This site also offers the secondary wish for a solidarity network. The solidarity will be expressed through the answer to delicate questions such as : “how do we proceed when an association or teachers are threatened” ; one will have to belong to the network in order to benefit from this solidarity Happy